Basic things to know before to apply on AD Networks or Affiliate Programs for Beginners and Startups?


Every time I always say you this statement “Money follows Passion”, it’s right, but thing is that sometimes you questioned yourself about money with some struggles and financial crisis. How it follows? What I am doing? What I want? Definitely no doubt about it Fame, Money, Money, Money, Money and Money. In my knowledge generally raised these questions especially as a Beginners or Startups only. You Must Clear About this topic is helpful for good earning in future. Here what I mentioned all related Ads for money  matters.
AddBasic things to know before to apply on AD Networks or Affiliate Programs for Beginners and Startups- heading

Initial steps to know before to apply on AD Networks

a) Which is better time to raise money?

  • Generally thing is that what you want choose niche blog it should unique and Min 40 unique articles with high keyword density (Suggested)
  • Different Acts or play roles as Ads Advertiser(Promote your blog or site for traffic and generate leads) or Ads Publisher(Monetize Ads)
  • Better traffic (Min 100+ Unique users /day* and 500 page views/day*)
  • Land page presence and Page load time
  • Understand Ad formats and styles like text ads, graphic ads, image ads, video ads
  • Should have maintain this pages in blog likely About us, privacy policy, terms of use, contact us
  • Min 10 interactions any type of conversations like Comments reply, Social media response for your post, Subscribe news letter with their interest
  • Min 3 Months to Max 6 Months (Safe 6 months Suggested)
  • Daily Active on Blogging and Social Media Presence
  • Followed AD Network Policies and Instructions,FAQ
  • Understand Digital Marketing terms and conditions
  • Command and Understand the way to placement and presence on Blog or Website
  • Must Know about Ad Networks and Affiliate Programs
  • Should understand before the clarity about Income vs Expenses in all matters
  • Must be knowledge on online, Banking and funds transfer methods like PayPal, Bank transfer, wired transfer,cheque by post, escrow. Before you select you must aware which is better to your location address with secure ,simple and fast


b) Who are ready to pay?

This interesting question mainly online niche bloggers and startups asked this thing, I told you simply with short way

1) Ad networks like Google Adsense,, Infolinks, Chitika and More….

2) Affiliate Programs like Amazon,HostingAffiliates(Hostgator,Bluehost),Snapdeal, ebay, viglinks, Shareasale, feverr, Cuelinks and more….

3) Direct Advertisements through companies (Depends millions of traffic, Alexa rank, Lakhs of Social media followers and Stats on these factors)

4) Get Projects like Digital marketing,SMO,SMM,Web hosting Integration and more services(Depends on your skills and capabilities), Build e-tutorials, Write Articles for clients through elance,freelancer

5) Represent a product through article or blog presence for commission based business like reviews, recommends….

c) How the way to get money?

Answer from question (b) and continue reading…..

After reached some limit of money to get through different ways like

PayPal, Wired transfer, Cheque payments, Escrow (Mostly these are methods are followed by top Ad networks and Affiliate Programs)

d) How to manage AD Networks?

This is difficult to explain, but I give basic Instructions for all AD Networks.

  • Select and set Ad Units fully optimized your content
  • In my knowledge 3 Ad Units is good for your Blog. Its must be choose one ad support mobile platforms. It is helpful for your good earnings
  • Read FAQ Carefully
  • Must and Carefully read privacy policies of AD Networks at least 2 times, why I am suggest like this here you can avoid violations and chance to run other ads networks(Note: some ad networks supports 2 ad Networks running at one platform).But You must carefully read each and everything.
  • Theme or Template plays big role to present ads like depends page loading time, effective ADS presence.
  • Ads unit sizes and Layouts (POPUP ADS Not recommended Because traffic loss, increase Page loading time, irritated and hated by visitors mostly and more issues)
  • Use affiliate links in text links and through set links in article.(Suggested)
  • Don’t disturb with on article reading time through POPUP or Any other way to present AD (NOTE: In POPUP menu you can ask Subscribe and follow on Social Media Networks these activity is recommended)

e) How to understand their AD Networks and Affiliate terms and Policies?

All their subject matters, you can find on applying time or on before available on “terms of conditions” or “Privacy Policies” or “Guidelines” or “terms of use”

f) Who are friendly to each other?

Combination of Ad Networks: Like

Google Adsense(AD Network)* + Infolinks (AD Network)


Google Adsense(AD Network)* + Amazon (Affiliate Program)


Google Adsense(AD Network)*+ Infolinks (AD Network)+Amazon(Affiliate Program)


Affiliate Program+ Affiliate Program+ Affiliate Program (Depends their own policies and terms of Affiliate Program)

*Note: Google Adsense Policies changed every year you must observe and monetize their ads

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